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More Than Words

One of my short, simple love songs from my side music project, Shades of Imperfection…..

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RuGGed Cross Band / RuGGed Cross Band

An anti-abortion hard rock song that Chris Long and I did back in late 2008 called “Foolish.”  We as a society think that abortion is ok, just because it is allowed by law.  Well, I think quite the opposite.  Abortion is murder in my opinion and one day we will all know what a horrible thing it truly is.  Please listen to my lyrics very carefully.  The lyrics aren’t meant to be condemning, but are intended to get us thinking about our actions. 

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A Dream I Had In November 2005

I dreamt that I was walking down a long tunnel along with a few other people. As we continued down the tunnel, it suddenly split to the left and to the right. To the left was Hell and to the right was Heaven. I noticed that everyone seemed to be entering the right tunnel. As we entered the right tunnel, I noticed that we were now in a train station. At the station, was a train bound for Heaven. The train was already filled up with people so I could not get on. As the train was getting ready to depart, I noticed that about half the people on the train were now missing. I asked what the half-empty train meant. What I was told was that these missing individuals were only lukewarm believers (50% sold out to Jesus instead of 100%). These missing individuals were rejected from heaven as they had rejected Jesus.

I can tell you that this was no ordinary dream. When I woke up, I immediately wrote this dream down.

My song “Beautiful As You”